Wednesday, January 11, 2012

january date

I'm not sure how I originally came across this but when I read it I thought that is totally what I am getting Tim for Christmas. So the idea is to plan a date for every month of the year, each month has an envelope with the date details, some have vouchers in, some have pictures of where/what we will be doing (eg. restaurant, walking in a national park). It was lots of fun to put together and Tim really loved it! I got a bit nervous closer to Christmas...I thought he might think it was lame! good thing he didn't. 
 So January was super easy! Go somewhere to escape the heat...even though now our weather has turned quite cool! ha We went to the movies and saw Sherlock Holmes and we treated ourselves to a "small" wasn't that small!
I made a goal earlier in 2011 to make date nights regular. We do a lot together but making sure we make special intentional time was what I was going for. It's a good habit to get into before we have kids!


  1. This is such a lovely gift to give and so thoughtful. I bet Tim could see how much effort you went to putting it together for him. My hubby and I have a date once a month too where my mother in law looks after the girls, it's so nice to have time together just the two of us. So I agree definitely a great habit to start, with or without kiddos. x

  2. Cool, cool! Funny how we were both worried about what our hubbies would think of our 'out there' Christmas gifts! So glad that Tim likes his! Thanks for sharing... I look forward to blogging about our first date... when we go on it!

  3. What a wonderful idea. I love it. Oh and YES, do the date night, but make sure when you have kids, you still do date night. We don't do it on a regular basis, however, I really would like to start this year, with my big boy too.

  4. Fabulous gift- wonderful idea-
    Thanks for sharing

  5. sometimes simple is perfect. :) Thanks for linking up!


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