Saturday, December 08, 2012

It's just a manic (mon)DAY

WOW!!! This little blog is so neglected of late! Life has been so hectic...actual manic really! The last few weeks have been crazy.
As you know we found out we are moving to Whyalla...which still is not properly computing in my head. The words come out of my mouth but it hasn't really sunk in still!

Tim graduated from his double degree a couple of weeks ago which was a very happy and proud day. He looked so handsome and I was so proud that he's ACTUALLY got all his assignments in in the end...and I don't have too many grey hairs to show for it. ;)
And I received a special award...the wives of the guys who study with Tim get together regularly during the year and at the end of the year we always have a special dinner and "graduation" for the ladies who are leaving
It was such a wonderful night and the ladies who put it together put in so much effort to make it a special night for us. We were honoured!
There have been a couple of really hot days in between all of this...who feels like doing anything when it is 40!?
We got to have a visit from some of my favourite people! 
These cousins love each other! Both these little boys are such sweeties!   
Sez- the best friend a girl could have!
And in between all this we have been trying to go through cupboards and cull things, organise people to pack and move our stuff, trade in our bomb of a car and buy a new one, finish work (only one more week...which is bitter sweet), try and get some sleep, cross off to do lists and then re write and add more things, other end of year functions, celebrations, parties, trying to organise skype dates interstate and internationally!
AND tomorrow Tim is getting ordained. Which means he'll be a minister in the Lutheran church. I'm sure I'll be blubbering like a baby. It's been a long 6 years but he got there and now we are on the brink of starting a new chapter....but it's too late to get in to all that! Photos etc of that next week...and hopefully it is next week and not next month! Oh little blog how I've missed you! 

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