Monday, December 24, 2012

...the last 2 weeks

In the last 2 weeks...
*Tim was ordained as a minister...I was planning to write a post about this...but the moment has sort of passed...however it was a wonderful day and I didn't blubber too much :) I was a wee bit proud of him for finishing all his study!
*I finished my job...that was tough...bittersweet...I really enjoyed working there, but there is something new for me in the new year...and perhaps I will finally get to finish my 28 projects? (I think I'll need a miracle)
* All our stuff got packed, moved and put into storage...and then we had to clean our little unit...oh gosh I am SO GLAD THAT is over!
*Once that was done it started to sink in for real that we were moving...
* We started house sitting at Tim's sister and bro in laws place
* My Aunty and Uncle have come over from Perth for Christmas
*Had a wonderful conversation with a friend who is battling breast cancer....she is 28
* I caught up with a couple of interstate friends I haven't seen in a number of years
*Have had a few afternoon naps
....AND a bunch of other stuff of course! But the computer is set up again and I am on holidays!

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