Sunday, February 20, 2011

flee market finds

I am so happy to be playing along this week! It has been quite a while! I was so happy to get to do a little op shopping this week with a couple of my sisters and a brother in law. We just stopped in at the children...oh goodness I always come out with many treats. And Monday was no different! This is one I would share with you today. This dress has $8 marked on it...but they were having a half price sale! It is SO BOLD! I don't think I will be brave enough to wear it for every day things but if a party comes up with a certain theme...totally wearing it! It fits perfectly! 
For more thrifted treasures head over to Sophie's!


  1. the design is simply stunning. i'd be attracted to it.

  2. Love that print, its so vibrant, looks like a nice cut too, and what a bonus it was on sale!

  3. what an amazingly graphic print!
    very bold!


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