Monday, August 23, 2010

the week that was...again!

Last week was a very busy week again! filled with lots of different things...craftanoon organisation, a bit of chocolate appreciation...

finding the top deck had a few "imperfections!"...
but then realising the whole block was all speckled!
Mum and Dad celebrated their 34th Wedding we bought them some pretty flowers!
organising swap treats, etsy orders and care week buddy surprises!
cake stalls and BBQ's to raise money for world vision and the 40 hour famine
going to 1st birthday parties...
and election parties...where the host is VERY into the I type there is still no result...a hung parliament it looks like.
AND we finally booked our trip! YEEESSSSS
This week I am looking forward to seeing a sister in law, a niece, a baby bump, perhaps going to bed early and a wedding of a dear friend...and hopefully the return of more regular blogging!
Happy Monday to you, where ever you are!


  1. big yay for your trip!
    also - that top deck is quite controversial!

  2. oh yay for your holiday!!
    What have you decided on????? Perhaps I should give you a ring-a-ding-ding!!

    Love Sez


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