Monday, August 30, 2010

my place or yours....why you live where you do?

Hello! I thought I would play along with my place or your's been a few weeks! This weeks theme is fun! Why do you live where you do! 
well....there's a bit of a back story to this one! At the ends of 2005 I had just finished my uni degree in social work. I was living in beautiful Brisbane. My family were living in Adelaide. After finishing uni I came down to Adelaide for the Christmas holidays and I was looking for a job, not necessarily just in Adelaide. I applied for jobs in Brisbane too. I remember being quite stressed about getting the applications in and receiving a fair few knock back letters. But on Christmas day when I saw a job advertised as a youth worker at a church and school I knew that I should apply. I applied, had an interview and the same night received a call to say I had the job. But I wasn't sure I wanted it...did I want to leave beautiful Brisbane, my friends, the good music scene (which was very important to me!)??? I had applied for a few jobs in Brisbane and did have a couple of interviews. I was offered a job there BUT it was for a small contact of 3 months, this job wad for a year and then possibility to extend. I went back to Brisbane a couple of days later and found it really hard to make the decision. I talked with some trusted, level headed friends and finally made the decision: yes I will move to  Adelaide.
I started early 2006 and it was a really hard year. I was working part time between 2 places and wasn't getting a whole lot of money so tried looking for other part time social work jobs which were hard to come by. I ended up working in a chocolate cafe for about 6 months. There were about 3 times throughout the year that I wanted to pack it in and go back to Brisbane. I missed my friends, the weather, the music. I was pretty lonely. And Adelaide was clicky...and REALLY cold in the winter!But I hung in there and made it through the first year and by mid 1st term 2007 I was full time between Concordia and St Johns.
At the start of 2007 though I met this boy...
He moved from Brisbane to Adelaide to study. The funny thing is I actually knew his older brother AND sister from Brisbane but never met him! We met, fell in love and got married last year in July. We live (and rent) in a  SMALL two bedroom unit in North Adelaide, owned by the place that Tim studies at. It's a fantastic location near a beautiful park, lots of cafes and food areas and very close to the cbd. We will live here for the next couple of years until Tim finishes his study. Then who knows. Tim was (and will hopefully return to study next year) studying to be a minister in the Lutheran church. Once the study is finished we will be placed for Tim's first parish which could be in anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Which is daunting but exciting at the same time!
So I live where I live because of my work and my love!
Why do you live where you live!? Check out helloowl to see other people's living arrangements! 

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  1. You never know what curve balls life is going to throw you. Your story is proof of that.

    my brother lives in adeliade and is always complaining about the cold but I've only even driven through, it does look beautiful though.


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