Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monkey Business

For my birthday i got a fun little key ring. here he is! when you look at him he's pretty cute but then he has a button on his head! and his eyes light up, but that isn't the part that made me nearly crap myself the first time i pressed that little button. he also makes a monkey noise! which is REALLY loud! I've been catching people off guard ever since! thanks Bec and Roelof! :)


  1. hehee!! So cute! Love it. Do you know what? I am bored now! Since I have had family entertaining me for over a month I am not sure what to do anymore... :) Ill have to get back to reminding myself to keep busy! 7 Weeks to go before pip arrives! Yay! Hope you are having fun! xx

  2. lol isn't it the strangest little thing?!?!?!?!? Blame Roelof, he thought that you would love it! Ha Ha


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