Wednesday, March 18, 2009

birthdays are the BEST!!!!

so sunday was my 25th birthday!
and to celebrate Tim and i decided we would go and visit his brother and sister in law and the little pikelet (baby bump) in Sydney! it also happened to be the same time as coldplay was touring! so we went to their sunday show in sydney!

it was so great! we got to catch a train into the city and see the sydney opera house and the bridge! we even saw people climbing the bridge...they looked a little like ants! :)
that was saturday and then sunday we did some of my favourite things. Go to church, eat fish and chips, sit at the beach, go to JB hi fi and a really great stationary store called KiKi K! it was great i wanted to buy everything and organise my desk! and for pre dinner dessert we had birthday cake! ....OH and how could i forget...we went to the lindt cafe! AHHHHH it was wonderful! the waitress was thinking i was a little weird taking photos of EVERYTHING!!! BUT i didn't care i was having so much fun! and then of course the day finished with Coldplay and that was AMAZING! ahhh i was so happy we got to go...especially since we nearly left the tickets in adelaide! WHOOPS!!
but my sister came to the rescue and we got on the plane...with the tickets...just!
we got back monday night and enjoyed a night in the garden of unearthly delights with my mumma, dadeo, jek, bec and well as bubba tim! being 25 has been a lot of fun so far!


  1. Wow! I look soooooooo incredibly pleased about you being there for your birthday. I am so sorry :( I still feel a bit under the weather...once again didn't go to sleep until 3am...decided it was intergral to organise my working space...during the mid-night hour :) But I truely loved your visit guys and was so sad when you left to realise that I wouldn't see you again until July :( sniff sniff. Hope you had a great night with your family. Love always xx P.S. now I know what you want for Christmas this year-a shite load of Kikki.K. stuff! I will get you heaps of random things!!! :)

  2. Sounds like an amazing Birthday weekend! It's such a waste to only celebrate with one party on one day - spread it out I say - make the most of it! Make sure you enter all the Youth competitions and events this year - at 26 you can't!!

  3. that's a really good point! crap..i might have to fudge my age! :)


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