Thursday, July 04, 2013

four on the fourth

 I know for a fact this last 6 months would have been even more unbearable if Tim hadn't been by my side through it all. Cuddling me when I was bawling, a voice of reason in amongst my crazy, his understanding in our grief. Even though it sounds a bit cheesy I feel like if we can endure what we have we can face anything together...I hope we have many more years together
Happy Wedding Anniversary to my love


  1. Happy's cheesy, but true.What you guys have been through and continue to go through is enough to break up some couples (unfortunately). Praying that God is healing your hearts.

    Also, you have the same anniversary as Phil and Lisa. They are celebrating their 4th anniversary today. I always remember it cos it is Independence Day :P Just a little trivia for you...

    1. Thank you sweet Samara, and thank you for your beautiful email you sent a couple of months ago. That is very cool to share the same anniversary! xxx


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