Monday, March 04, 2013

project 12/28

Firstly a heartfelt thank you to the beautiful ladies who commented on my last post. Your words of comfort and support are very special to us in this time xx
The night we found out about bambino I started writing a journal... I bought this beautiful book from Kikki K in 2010 when I was working on our 365 project. I originally bought it to put all my photos in...but I quickly learnt that the book was not going to be able to hold all the got pretty fat...and unable to close at around day it went back on the shelf and sat there...
But when the little test had 2 pink lines on it I thought...I think I need to journal through this the old school way and so I got to writing and I have written in it every day since (with the exception of a few days...and then I have gone back and written in what was going on that day). It felt like it was a bit repetitive, like...feeling a bit of nausea today...felt like eating a tomato and cheese toasted sandwich today...boobies are really tender... 
 When we met with one of the midwives after all the heartbreak she said that a lot of couples journal through their time of waiting and seeing about what happens with their baby. She said one lady wrote a book, not to publish but in honour of her baby. So even thought there is a lot more to write these days...and perhaps I would prefer if it was a little more repetitive like baby is doing fine and growing strong...I know I will be glad in the future I started journaling on that night in late October. I already am glad I did.
While this project won't be finished until later this year...late October, it is a very special, sometimes enjoyable, sometimes challenging project.
Have you ever kept a journal for an extended period of time?


  1. I always wished I could do this and write in a journal everyday. This will be such a precious keepsake. and good cheap therapy too!!!! XOXOX you always inspire, Lauren x


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