Wednesday, March 06, 2013

14...#28 Projects

I finished this scarf on Monday...while having a very lazy day chain watching Homeland. It was rather wonderful actually. It was relaxing but a bit odd to be crocheting because I felt quite hot...even though I do knit/crochet all year round I do tend to get more "into it" during winter.
(as a side note I got my hair trimmed yesterday and I am quite happy with my'll end up sweeping within the week BUT for now I am happy to say that I would go back!)
My lovely sister showed me how to do this and it ended up being very simple! It took me way longer then it should have...I kept forgetting the stitches I needed to do Ha! But I got into the groove and really enjoyed it. I think I might make another one in grey in a lighter wool.
The only downside that it is quite heavy and I'm not sure how cold it gets here in Whyalla...but we'll see. It is really fun and ticks off number 14 of the 28 projects...half way...and only a week and a half til my birthday...
And I even threaded the end bits in straight away...well the next day and the wool is so thick it took quite a bit of coaxing through the eye...and then I snapped it...whoops! looks like I have a trip to Spotlight to get a new one before the real knitting season starts ;)

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  1. You're so clever! I just don't "get" crochet. I'll stick with knitting!

    And I love the fringe, btw. I've been contemplating going back there myself. xx


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