Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Thanks 2012...and see you later!

What a blessed year 2012 was.
Many friends welcomed very cute babes into the world. 
I worked a new job and was challenged by it and grew. 
I got to hang out with our nieces a few times
I got to meet and hang out with our nephew every week!
Time spent with special friends, crafting and going to crafty markets
A lot of sweat, tears and joy to finish a long haul at study for my beloved 
Good food shared with family and friends, funny cards, cute rabbits and fun days at work in between the challenging ones! 
All in all many highs and lows
and really a bit of a blur! We had some sad news and some very good news.
I think 2013 is definitely going to be a year of change, challenge, growth, fun and joy.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what it brings!
Happy New Year!


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