Thursday, January 03, 2013


Last Sunday Mum, Dad, Tim, my littlest sister Courtney and my Aunty and Uncle (who are visiting from Perth WA) went and visited Maggie Beer's farm house. 
It was such a glorious day and it was sooo busy, but we managed to find a table outside under an umbrella and enjoy the view of the lake. There were many turtles bobbing around in there enjoying the day! 
I took some other photos on my camera...but alas can not locate the cord to connect it to the computer! 
It's probably in Adelaide (we are on the Gold Coast...we flew here Tuesday!)
But there was some really cute pheasants and a rooster with REALLY big spurs...I started quoting Napoleon Dynamite which Courtney started rolling her eyes about...but heck I gotta take the chances to quote that movie when I can :)
If you're ever in the Barossa area check it out it's a lovely way to spend an afternoon


  1. Oh that sounds like a gorgeous day! I will remember this if/when I visit where you are xx

  2. I'll keep that in mind! Hopefully we'll get a chance to visit Adelaide sometime this year. :)


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