Wednesday, January 09, 2013

project 10/28...A BABY!!! late October on a Friday evening I took one of these tests...and what do you know it came back positive!
So I'm claiming it as a project...cause HECK it's taking me 9 months to create it!
tee hee hee
Little Spilsbury Bambino is due late June and we've pretty excited.
I've just gone 15 weeks (although that "bump" photo was taken around 13.5 weeks) and I am feeling much better, a little less tired and enjoying holidays where we don't have to do much!
AND because I'll be almost half way through when we get to Whyalla...I am going to be a lady of leisure, setting up house...until June that is...
And there is just one in there...the reoccurring dream did not come true...this time ;)
SO I MAY ACTUALLY be able to get some of these 18 other projects done before my birthday...well before June anyway! :)


  1. Wonderful news! Congratulations!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! What fantastic news for you both & your families. Life will be full of exciting adventures this year! R.

  3. yayyyyy! Have been waiting for this post :D

    Congratulations Loz & Tim!! Love you both super lots - cant wait to meet little Splisbury bambino!!

    Love Sez xx

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting Lauren. Can't wait for more updates. Take it easy!

    1. Thanks Rhi! Yes I will be doing some updates! and I am hoping when we get to Whyalla I'll get a chance to...I'll be a lady of leisure...til June ;)

  5. Oh my goodness, congratulations!! That means you were probably pregnant when we caught up at the end of last year!! Hope the moving and all is going well for you. All the best with becoming a little family :) Keep in touch.


  6. So, I just read your latest blog post were you mentioned being pregnant, was like "whaaaaat" and then discovered this post that you wrote while I was away- a very belated congratulations!!! And yay for being a lady of leisure- my dream ;) ha ha


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