Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where we are from

 My beloved was born and raised in QLD. When he was young his family moved here to Adelaide for his Dad to study. After those 5 years they were sent back to QLD and he lived there until he moved here at the beginning of 2007 to study. He's a QLDer through and through. 
 I was born in WA. My family and I lived there til I was nine and that's when we moved to Adelaide for my dad to study...the same course that Tim's dad studied...but Tim's dad graduated the year before my dad started so we never met then! We then moved to QLD and then I moved back here at the beginning of 2006 (my family had moved back during 2005) Even though I haven't lived in WA for a long time it holds a place in my heart and I'll always be a WA girl. 
I bought these for our anniversary that we celebrated last week. A very talented lady made them seriously check out her etsy store My bearded pigeon, you'll wanna save your pennies and get one!
What is really nice is that the WA cushion has SA on it where Tim and I met. I thought it was a nice reminder of where we have come from. AND the cutest thing when I explained this to Tim he said "Well I guess when we move next year if we're in a new place we'll have to buy a cushion for that state!" I like his thinking!

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  1. I love mapped things. Love this gorgeous cushion idea. Beautiful gift idea for your anniversary :-)


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