Saturday, June 23, 2012

reoccurring dream

Have you ever had a reoccurring dream?
The story of mine starts in 2010. On a night in June. We were hanging out with Tim's Brother, his wife Anna and little Belle. We knew at the time Anna was pregnant for the second time, it was pretty exciting. That night over dinner we were catching up with them and Anna's younger brother and his partner were there too with their new little bubba. There was a lot of baby talk that night, which was nice but left me feeling a little freaked out...It took me a really long time to get to sleep that night I kept dreaming about twins and then triplets...
A few weeks later I was at work and came back to my office and I had several missed calls and messages from pretty much every member of Tim's family. Turns out Anna was pregnant with these little sweeties! I thought about it later and though, dream was about Anna! No problem
But once Ava and Sophie were born it would come to me every so often, Me at home and I've just had triplets.  And then a few weeks ago it started again...just around the time when little Jax was born...
Who knows what it's about, I think I just have babies on the brain, family, lots of friends, old work colleagues even acquiescence's are having babies/pregnant...I will assure you though there is no bun in this oven :)...not yet anyway!
It sort of scares me out but then at the same time I know it is very unlikely triplets will happen...I asked the Dr...maybe it's stress who knows!
Ever had a reoccurring dream and thought what the?


  1. Dreams are funny things! This is a rather cool one though! I often wonder what they mean. Lately I've been remembering my dreams in the middle of the day, sometimes days later. Really odd! x

  2. The stress dream is the one where your teeth fall out. I have had it a few times and in the dream I try to put them back in, it's horrid. Who knows about the multiples :) If the answer is YES then God knows you're a strong woman. Me, little Jax is more than enough for the time being. xxxx

  3. Gorgeous picture! You are amazing Lauren and will be a beautiful mother with one, two or three babies. :-) don't stress, your life will be taken over soon enough. Enjoy your spare moments with Mr T now while you can!!!!! Thats my only advice!!! ;P who knows what excitement awaits!!??

    Answer: God does...but you know... its still exciting to wait and find out :)


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