Wednesday, June 27, 2012

craft it forward... 5/28

A number of weeks ago Tammi posted about crafting it forward...I decided to join in!
 Participation is easy...the first five people to comment below (provided you would like to participate) will receive a small parcel from me containing one of these little or big pears - which can be used as either  pincushions or decorative...perhaps for a little bubbas room!, the choice is keep the ball rolling you must then blog about what I sent you and pass it on ie: send something you have made to the first five to comment.  What you decide to send is entirely up to you as long as you have made it yourself (this can include prints and photos) and it is sent before the end of the calendar year...simple.
 I'm looking forward to receiving a lovely crocheted face washer from Tammi!
So who's in!? And perhaps let me know if you'd like a small pin cushion type or bigger one!


  1. I'm in Lauren! But I don't really know what to I make a post about what I'm going to make? And I send one to you? Who else do I send to? People who comment on my post?

    1. :) Cool so I will send you a pear and then you post about it on your blog and you can post about what you are going to make too in the same or separate post! and you'll send 5 of whatever you decide to make to the 5 people who comment! Does that make more sense?

  2. Yep! Thanks!! I have a home for my pear already waiting :-)


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