Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Fun

the last couple of days have been filled with holiday fun!

Thursday night i got to go and see reel big fish and less than jake. ltj have been a band to allude me the last 5 years. they played in Brisbane the night i graduated from uni and my parents were up from Adelaide to celebrate, i couldn't very well blow them off for a ska show...well i could have but it wouldn't have gone down so well! :)

they were so great. Tim was sick and couldn't make it so jek stepped in to use the ticket. and it was a skankin fiesta! listening to ska music makes me want to dance and makes me smile! it was fantastic to see reel big fish again, they don't disappoint. they played a few new songs which i had no clue about but there were the old favourites like Beer, take on me and of course to finish the set sell out! seeing that band always makes me want to be a trumpet player and wish there was more of a ska scene in Australia!

less then jake they opened with the song i wanted to here so i was thrilled. the bass player was celebrating his 31st birthday and made some crude comment about wanting visitors at his hotel rooms that had boobies. for some reason i am always disappointed when bands get smutty. i don't know why but it always annoys me! other then that they were ace and i was very happy to see them! AND i remembered to take ear plugs! so no ringing ears for me! YES!!

the day before i got to hang out with a good mate of mine Megan who was down from Brisbane doing an info session for the company she works for. CCUSA they do summer camps in the USA and so i got to enjoy her company. she is wonderful and it was indeed wonderful to see her again.

another holidays treat was a visit to the movies in the city. Tim is unwell and is having trouble sleeping so we thought we would go do something to tire him out! so we went to see "into the wild". it was phenomenal. wonderful and brave. This is what Margaret from the movie show on the ABC had to say about it:

Just so everything is out in the open, Sean Penn is one of my favourite filmmakers. He’s not prolific, but every now and then he comes up with a gem.INTO THE WILD is only his fourth film since 1991’s The Indian Runner. It’s the story of Chris McCandless, based on John Krakauer’s 1997 account of the true life adventures of this young man who rejected his middle class upbringing, his chance to go to Harvard and instead donated his savings to Oxfam and hit the road.

EMILE HIRSCH plays Chris.The people Chris met along the way, when he was calling himself Alexander Supertramp, are intrigued by this young man. And none more so than octogenarian widower Ron Franz, played superbly by HAL HOLBROOK.The story of this young man who went seeking some sort of transcendental experience can be taken in a number of ways and the film allows you that freedom.There’s a cruelty, a selfishness to his freedom. He didn’t contact his parents played by MARCIA GAY HARDEN and WILLIAM HURT or his sister played by JENA MALONE and yet there’s also a beauty in the landscape he discovered and an homage to the gentle, enquiring spirit of Chris himself.There are no intimate connections on his journey but there are significant ones.VINCE VAUGHN, CATHERINE KEENER, impressive newcomer BRIAN DIERKER give the film depth with their performances.It’s what you can expect from a Sean Penn movie. He waited patiently for 10 years to get permission from the McCandless family to make this film.He’s written a beautiful screenplay and taken risks with the direction, which all pay off, and he’s elicited magnificent performances, especially from Emile Hirsch.It is so close to being a masterpiece, but then as I said at the beginning of this review, I’m biased.

this summed it up and i would strongly encourage anyone who reads this to check it out. i thoroughly enjoyed it! and i think most people will, the story is brilliant!~ if you do get to see it, let me know and i hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

happy days to you x

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