Friday, December 21, 2007

4 things to post about!

the last couple of days have been eventful! they might not be so exciting or sad for you but they have been significant to me all the same. Tim has gone back to Brisbane for the Christmas break. he left yesterday and when we got to the airport his flight was delayed for a little bit. which was ok, but we kept hearing announcements saying sorry this flight has been delayed even more which was ok because we got to spend some more time together. 2 hours after his original departure time he left. so i have been keeping busy this past 24 hours and i am looking forward to seeing him in a weeks time. he is such a sweety.

secondly while we were waiting for the flight we were browsing the Adelaide airport and i stumbled across the latest frankie ( magazine. and they have a free poster in every issue so i looked at it and my it was delightful! so i picked it. little did i know the artist is a London based artist and i had been checking out her stuff through Anna's blog...if you follow the link to her blog the link is on her blog...and it is such nice work. so i learnt a bit more about her work and i am excited to check out her blog and online shop more often!

thirdly the other day i watched stranger than fiction with Will Ferrall and Maggie Gylanhall. i really enjoyed it and liked the characters. i also enjoyed Anna's (Maggie's character) tattoo on her arm!

fourthly, and possibly most importantly, it rained in Adelaide today. and not just a pissy rain where it rains for 10 minutes and spits...this was fairly heavy and for a number of hours! Praise God! i hope some farmers got the rain too!

and now i am at my parents house ready for dinner and tomorrow my sister moves in with me!

much love x

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