Thursday, December 13, 2007

happy holidays!

it is a happy time...
i am on holidays! for the first time since August last year! and it feels great. i am not doing anything in particular like going to a far off destination but just hanging, eating, exercising, hanging with my beau...and family and just getting up late.

i am relaxed and happy and feel like i could do this more often! :)

later in my break i am going up to brisbane (over new year) to meet timothy's parents. I am excited to go to see old friends and to meet his parents too but a little nervous also.

and now i am going shopping with my sisters it's a hard nut life!


  1. hey stinky.
    will be down from the 23rd to the 30th. come to the beach with me one day. might make it down to moana or aldinga on xmas eve (late arvo) before having to go off to dinner - yay!
    otherwise i'm sure a trip to the grace emily will ensue.
    love ya, see ya soon.

  2. sweet christmas break!
    it's unaustralian to make it complicated!

    if I dont see you before hand have a great christmas!



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