Monday, March 26, 2007

that punk rock band from boston

so last night was possible the most fun i've had at a punk rock show in quite some time!
first of all it was an 18+ show which makes it better. now i'm not trying to decriminate against younger people, i love young people but when you get to 23 and you go to an 18+ show then i am still at least 5 years older then the youngest people there...

anyway i'm getting off topic...

i went and saw the dropkick murphys last night. WOW
ok so they consist of 7 guys from boston in the usa but they have alot of irish links! they ing alot about ireland. they have a guy who plays bag pipes (and please note that there was a pirates flag from the top if the bagpipes!),there was a recorder, a piano accordian, guitars (of course), a left handed bass player...and left handed drummer! ahhh they played the songs i wanted to hear and some i hadn't heard. check out rocky road to dublin... it's such a great song.
and then to top the night off i got to go on to the stage with the band...and shannon my new gig buddy was there too on the stage! hahaahhaha it was funny!

anyway someone needs this computer!

do yourself a favour and check them out

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  1. You stage rusher you! Very cool. Sounds like they put on a good live show. I'm all for left handed musicians!! Woo hoo!


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