Friday, March 16, 2007

missy is back!

ok so i have to start blogging more cause there are to many exciting things to report when i get around to it...
i'll start with most recent!

i heard the new missy higgins song this morning! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
check it out PLEASE! at the myspace

i'm loving it!

yesterday was my birthday 23! ha i caught up with mates on wednesday night to celebrate the last night of being 22 and said i didn't feel like i was turning 23 and luke said...well that's cause you act like your 14...bah! it was a fun night having a few g&t's! last night was mum, dad, bek, courty, kara and nathan at Montezuma. it was fun and yum! and then cake and ice cream at my house...AND presents! got seasons 4 and 5 of gilmore girls, a garlic press, some fantastic wine glasses, LOTS of chocolate....and a VERY GENEROUS amount of money for my trip to parents are amazing just to let you know!

and i have some FUN new friends shannon and Annika from the states. they are here for the year to do youth ministry in the barrossa...they are FUN and i spent time with them on the long weekend.i was also disturbed and confronted and challenged at the weekend too..BUT in a good way...

i have to go...
more soon i hope!And photos from the fun and festivities!

LOz x

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  1. Hey Loz,
    sorry I missed your birthday!
    I've been trying to put my show together fear of all the bad reviews everyone else has been getting lately!

    hope it was awesome!


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