Monday, March 05, 2007

Nikola and 10 year not so reunion

when i heard that the lead singer from milliencolin was doing a solo acoustic tour i thought for sure Adelaide would be skipped. but to my absolute joy he did a show at enigma on Saturday night and it was fantastic. i went solo and met a friendly fellow who i studying to be a nurse and he bought his mum and dad along which was cool!
and he played and played to the small but very committed crowd...i even got a set list after and got a to lauren from nikola! but it was hard to get in because everyone was spell bound afterwards...(i'm telling you it was wonderful everyone should have been there!)

and this guy was talking to him and asking if he liked wine...cause his friends (and he pointed to his friend) dad owns a winery in the barrossa henske wines...and the funny thing is that when dad was studying we used to go out to the barrossa and the owner of that very winery used to go to the same church...i reakon it was his son that played the saxaphone...he was pretty nice on the eye...but because i was so pre occupied with nikola i only realised this a couple moments later and when i went to freak him out and ask him if his parents did go to that church he was gone! oh was a wonderful night...i parked on hindley street and my car was still there when i got back so i was pretty pleased!

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  1. Small but committed - great description of the crowd! That's what Brisbane's Nikola was like too. (A great contrast to the NOFX crowd...)

    Glad you got a setlist, and your car!


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