Monday, January 26, 2015

Currently in January

Making : 60 metres of Bunting for a friends upcoming wedding
Cooking : cheese and avocado toasties like it's my job
Drinking : water...and chai latte
Reading: French Children don't throw food
Wanting: chocolate
Looking: at the dust on our bookcase...
Playing: this CD...a lot
Deciding: on Rainbows name
Wishing: I saw Clare while she was in Australia
Enjoying: BBQ's on public holidays
Waiting: to hear my results from my blood glucose test
Liking: the look of Pip's new book!
Wondering: what colour eyes Rainbow will have
Loving: our milder summer weather
Pondering: the future
Considering: taking a beginners photography course
Watching: The Equilizer...earlier today...never again
Hoping: I'll be able to sleep well tonight
Marvelling: at the beauty of Dahlias
Needing: to cut down on my chocolate intake
Smelling: fresh air and basil
Wearing: elasticised pants 
Following: this blog...and this blog (where I found this list)
Noticing: the weeds in our garden getting taller and taller!
Knowing: We need to do something about the weeds!
Thinking: about how much our life is going to change (for the better) in April
Admiring: this shop
Sorting: The back room...for my sister to move in
Buying: this...
Getting: swollen feet
Bookmarking: nursery ideas
Disliking: heartburn
Opening: the window...the sea breeze is coming in and making me feel cool
Giggling: at Tim as he giggles at whatever it is he is watching
Feeling: Rainbow kick!!
Snacking: on too much chocolate
Coveting: this cot...but Tim said no
Wishing: I could declutter a bit more efficiently 
Helping: organise a hens high tea
Hearing: The Big Bang theory on TV


  1. Pips new book does look fantastic. I've been wanting to read french children don't throw food- is it any good? Hope your blood glucose test comes back all good xx

    1. It's very interesting so far Lisa! If you'd like to borrow it when I am done you are welcome...or it's about $11 on book depository ;)

  2. Haha!!! I love this! Did you work on that list for a while or sit down and write it in one sitting!? I always appreciate your creativity Loz! xx AnnaD

    1. I think I did it in one sitting...but I was checking other things and then coming back to it...a couple stumped me to begin with!

  3. I wish I saw you in Australia too :(

    So glad you're back blogging again xx


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