Thursday, April 04, 2013

Project 16 #28 Projects

 And this mirror I bought when I was at Uni...I had obviously started painting it and never finished it. I wrote the "Stop procrastinating and start participating" one day when I was trying to write an assignment..I ironic! 
It didn't take much to fix and paint her up (using the same paint I used with my desk...hoping it doesn't chip like my desk has...I'm thinking it'll be ok...less wear and tear!) I did actually start painting this at the same time as my desk...but life got in the way!

 I'm not sure whether I'll hang on to it long term...we have so many mirrors in our new place. Each room has built in wardrobes and all have at least one mirror panel. AND the dining room has a floor to ceiling mirror in it. There is a room outside next to the shed which we have made the "music room" eg it's got Tim's base amp and my drums in it :) perhaps it can go in there for now :)
the finished product...
and a little peak at bambino
so this is project 16...clearly I didn't get the 28 projects done before my 29th birthday...but I am going to keep going until I get them done! I've got quite a few up my sleeve! Stay tuned!


  1. Good job!

    Because of my DIYing weekend, I have learnt that the best type of paint for wooden things is called 'eggshell' (that's the type of finish, not the colour!).

    Ps. The basketball hoop looks like a halo, you lovely angel. xx

  2. I loooove this mirror!! And I love the fact you play drums!? I never knew this about you!! Learn something new every day! Love ya Loz!


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