Monday, October 26, 2009

your place or mine? Bedside table

this is what you can find on my bedside table at the moment...well bedside chair! our dining suite is sort of too big for the area that it is our flat so to make it fit it's right up against the wall and the 2 extra chairs live beside our bed as bedside chairs! i have some vouchers from our wedding, a bible, a journal, badges, bobby pins..and a few other random items!

I have been searching all over and have found some really FUN crafting blogs! I mean i can sit for a few hours and look at all the pretty things people are creating! it is really inspiring, fun AND relaxing! if you want to play along with this game have a look me at mikes

very fun!enjoy!

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  1. Your linen is nice and leafy, isn't it?! I likey! Hope you have a super great day and thank you for playing our little game! Hurrah! xx


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