Tuesday, October 27, 2009

baking bonanza

this is pretty much my favourite toy at the moment...after the badge maker! We received it as a wedding gift and have made some yummy biccys and cakes which have been extra fluffy and good because of the even mixing that this mix master does! :) Tim has even used it!


  1. Hooray! Looks like you're making something choclatey here... Do you like peanut butter? You should ask Tamara about her award winning Peanut Butter Chocolate cake with peanut butter and cream cheese icing! (she won first place at the coonalypin show for it!)

    Are you posting pictures of the end result??

  2. i'm actually highly allergic to peanuts...so i wont be able to try the peanut and chocolate cake...but i will have to show some photos of some biccys!

  3. Then DON"T make that cake! I have a family famous brownie recipe if you want something naughty and chocolate (and proven great with icec ream!)


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