Monday, September 14, 2009

purely for procrastionation purposes...

these are some chair covers i made for our dining suite. The chairs were beautiful but a little hard for me...and had the potential to get scratched i found this material in Launceston while honeymooning. I bought it without knowing what it would be used for and then when i decided, had to order more over the Internet. this post comes to you while i procrastinate from finishing my tax. It has driven me spare this morning and I'll probably be forced to eat copious amounts of chocolate treats this afternoon to recover...


  1. FABULOUS!! well done!! Is that kokka fabric? I love the colours!!


  2. i think it's from sew world~

  3. oh! you are so clever! and with such cute fabric!

    Makes me wish i could get off my bum and get my machine fixed!

  4. oh you should get it fixed cause then when you feel like making something you can! i have to borrow the machine from i have to preempt sewingness


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