Saturday, September 05, 2009

food and snow in tasmania

we enjoyed seeing snow in Tasmania, for me it was the first time i had EVER seen snow in the know not at a ice skating rink or mount Theberton! :)
and we enjoyed lots of different lovely foods at the many cafes that were in and around Hobart. truly wonderful.

and Love and Clutter was my favorite shop from Hobart, it had lots of pretty hand made things in it. Babies clothes, mobiles, hair clips badges brooches, scarves. I wanted to take everything home...and Sez you would have loved it too!


  1. :D

    Love the pics Loz! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!



  2. I <3 snow! It's so fun. We keep planning to go to the snow but Joel's a bit busy ya know?! We've seen lots from a distance though this year!

  3. Great pics...don't you think Tassie is so underrated? It's such a great place, I love it there. Glad you did too :)


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