Monday, June 08, 2009

I think i get it...

so i have been hearing A LOT about Twlight. Like, you should definitely read the books, you should absolutely watch the movie.
So last night i watched the movie. and it was...pretty good. Jek had watched it earlier in the week and talked it down a bit so it wasn't so hyped, which was good because you know when you hear about a movie and sooooo many people are talking it up and when you actually see it, it's not all it was cracked up to be.

I actually quite enjoyed it, and i think i probably would have enjoyed it a little more if i was a 16 year old girl because the main character...who is a vampire albeit being a bit pale is pretty handsome. the sexual tension between the lead girl and boy...i wanted them to kiss earlier but because the guy is a vampire and "wants to suck her blood!" they didn't! ha

but jokes aside it was an enjoyable movie just a little slow. and it ends so it is SCREAMINGLY obvious there will be more movies, but i think i will wait to have another night in and watch them on DVD.

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  1. Just read the books. The movie's not bad but the books are much better! Yes - total addict here! I don't think one of them took me more than 24 hours to read - maybe because once you start you can't stop till you're done! Really makes you fee like a teenager again!


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