Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Badge making heaven

i had a lot of fun yesterday morning...why?
i hired a badge maker from Badge-A-Minit and made badges for our wedding...it was LOADs of fun and these pictures are proof of our fun labour. Every time i hire a badge maker from there (this was the third time!) i am REALLY tempted to buy one...and yesterday after i was done making the wedding ones...i wanted to make more and lots of different kinds, ones out of great wrapping paper i have saved to re use...old music it was just the best time. I was having a romantic thought of how fun it would be to have a cafe and have different craft groups meeting every week, a knitting corner, a quilters group...a badge making crew, it would be wild! i need to write all my ideas down so that they can someday come to fruition! :)
for future reference i will be buying more components to keep on making more and more and more!!


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