Sunday, May 13, 2007

die space

is another name for myspace.
i tell you what i am not going to get sucked in...hopefully.
people keep telling me to check their myspace and i do...and then i find i know their other friends and then i click on their myspace and then...well it's a snowball's addictive and it's BAD

i mean my own sisters had to "go check their myspace" the night i came over for family dinner...

i did start one about 2 years ago...well it looks the same as it did picture etc...i hope it's going to stay that way...


  1. and it completely sucks if your own sister sets their thing to private so you HAVE to register to read it! go blogger.
    On another note... please please please let me fix your blog banner! It makes me cringe every time i check your blog!

    And thanks for coming out here on friday! we loved having you here. must be my turn to visit you? give me days!

  2. hehehehe totally~
    you can fix it miss OCD!
    yeah come say hi that would be fun!
    I'll come say hi soon and let you know!


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