Sunday, April 08, 2007

it was reel

A few years ago i went and saw a band called reel big fish play at the arena in brisbane. it was an excellent show. the day after they played a free gig at a skate park on the south side of brisbane. that to was a very cool show.

Last monday i went and saw them again, some 4 years since these shows. They still have it. I mean there are only 3 of the original 7 members and these days there are only 6 members. and since i saw them the new trumpet player back then is no longer in the band, there was some blonde guy. i was afraid they were going to play a bunch of new songs, and i don't know the new album. BUT the started with trendy, and they played all the ones i wanted to hear, the set up, i want your girlfriend, toob top, where have you been, their fantastic cover of take on me...and then they finished their encore with sell out. my night was complete. i walked home a very satisfied gig goer. my ears ringing and a mate to share the night with. onya sarah.

all week my ears were a little foggy though...i really do need to remember to wear earplugs to shows, i'll be deaf by 30 if i'm not careful.
tomorrow night wolfmother
and i got tickets for underoath...i wont even go into how excited i am about that!

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  1. oh! i remember that arena show! we were so tiny back then.


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