Friday, April 13, 2007


i am back in brisbane, the first time since January. it is so good to be back, got off the plane and it's so familiar and good. i got to have a fun plane trip with Fiona. We worked out that she would be in a town over Easter and then when we weren't going to be able to meet up we worked out we were booked on the same flight! so we booked to seat together. we ate Easter eggs and laughed alot!

Chris and Sez picked me up and i got to see their new house they have just bought, it's great. we got to chat and went to bed late! today has been fun hanging with Sez and now at KT's house. I got to do one of my favourite things. Go to rockinghorse records. i miss that CD store like i'd miss my right arm...actually that may be a little extreme...but they have a great selection. I got the cd by the drummer from underoath, his side project band's that sentence correct even?

Brisbane is so much busier than Adelaide.

i think this weekend is going to be TOPS...less then 5 hours til i see jekka joo...and i say YES to that!


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