Wednesday, December 06, 2006

catching the ball with my shin

so...i wasn't entirely embarrassed when i played the staff v students game! however i did miss a ball that got thrown to me and then it connected with my really hurt and there was swelling. and now there is a reasonable bruise.

and i didn't even get out for a golden duck...i got one run! i was pretty stoked!

we had a carols night at school last night and it was pretty sweet. some of the grade 12's came back for it which was nice cause they have been done for a few weeks now. and i got the chance to hang with some of the students afterwards. there are some talented kids at their school and it's such a blessing to be working with them and to get to know them. Julian announced that it's a month to the QLD road trip which is pretty exciting. we are taking 8 young people up to QLD for two weeks this summer. it is going to be a fantastic time to get to know them, share in devotion and have a really fun time in the process. Eug and I have contacts up there and so we are pretty excited anyway to be going back and seeing some old mates! i think the most exciting part is that the YP are so excited about it

my back is heaps stiff

i bought contemplative youth ministry today...i heard about it earlier in the year so i bought it so mum can give it to me fr christmas i'm looking forward to reading it.

the last cd's i bought were darren hanlon fingernails and mountain tops, the killers latest and kashmir curse of being a girl...check them ALL out!

and finally i ran most of ward street today to catch a bus....the driver saw me started tooting the horn and waved me over...and said mate i would have stopped for you back at the last lights...i was happy he stopped for me, he was a friendly fellow! kudos to that bus driver!


  1. 1 run! you'awesome!

    QLD for me and J in 11 sleeps!

  2. have you heard mates of states' bring it back? my current favourite record! i so nearly went to see them when they were here, i'm so crazy for not going. i've heard some of the new killers stuff, way different but gooooood.


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