Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I had a reminder go off on my phone earlier this morning to say it was my blogs birthday! Who knows when I set that...but turns out I'd set it on a yearly reminder! Thanks past me!
9 years ago I was in Di's childhood bedroom and her husband Brad helped me set it up!
It was before I had a husband...before Tim was my boyfriend!
Before little people
Before 365 projects
Before craft swaps
Before craftanoons
Before I was an Aunty...1, 2, 3...more times!
before moving to Whyalla...

It has got me a little nostalgic! And makes me smile to remember all the stories I've shared here...and having a bit of a laugh while reading some of them back. Some things I remember writing about others I'm rediscovering again. 
It motivates me to perhaps come here a bit more often and continue sharing stories...
Because there are lots of fun stories happening these days..
Like Eve trying solids for the first time the other day!


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