Tuesday, August 06, 2013

28 Projects catch up

I've had a bit of time on my hands since Isaac's birth. Sometimes this has been absolute torture. Not knowing what to do with myself. To begin with I was still in lots of pain, physically. Some days I just didn't have the motivation to do the things I used to enjoy. That is slowing changing, some days I still feel like I just want to curl up in bed and read, and I do. But more and more I feel like I can handle some craft. It might not make sense to some people, the idea of not being able to handle crafting...especially for me when I have enjoyed being creative in the past. As I feel stronger I am starting to enjoy it again. My psychologist suggested I have a creative outlet during this time. It has turned out to be quite therapeutic. 
These following projects are one I completed before Isaac was born.

On our weekend away on the church camp, Tim and I prepared some activities for the worship time on the Sunday. Everyone received a stripe of fabric. The idea was that people would think about someone special to them, pray for them and then write that persons name on the fabric. This was before Isaac and our nephew Joshua was born, I wrote their names on my fabric.Tim invited everyone to bring the fabric forward and place on the cross. The paper pinned to the cross were people's confessions. They wrote down something that was on their mind/heart, and then bought it forward and pinned it to the cross. (For confidentiality Tim suggested people take time to think about their confession and write a letter on the paper that would represent their confession)  
It was a really meaningful and reflective time. And it was a fun and quick project, it included Tim suggesting we go to Spotlight! I also enjoyed helping Tim organise this too.

Another bunting project...for my sisters 21st birthdays...coming up later in the year. 3 lots each in different sizes.

For Easter (and a birth present) I embroidered some face washers for our nephews...I even did one for Tim.
...perhaps this should have been 28 bunting projects... Since returning home after Isaac's birth I made this bunting for our nephews first birthday.
 I also made 2 sets of bunting for Isaac. One set is draped over a dressing table in our entry way with some precious gifts given to him
the other is on the door to the room that would have been his...
 A bigger project we undertook was painting the entry way and hallway of our home.
before...Tim and Trevor working hard...I helped too :)
After...A little less of that green! The space feels so different and light now, it's fantastic. It changes the whole feeling of the space. We are going to do a few of the other rooms in the coming months.
SO that makes...24 projects
only 4 to go...

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  1. Hi Lauren I've just popped over after discovering your blog from your follow of mine. I've read back over some your post and left a comment as I can relate to your journey in some way.

    I'm so happy to hear and see that you are trying to dabble in creative pursuits again. It was certainly a major help and healer along with blogging and other passions in helping me on my journey.

    Much love, healing and support to you. X


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