Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's go on a date in September

So I've actually got around to posting about our date...cause we actually got around to going on the date! We still haven't been on our July and August dates...but I have a couple of weeks of holidays coming up so here's hoping!
This month was home spa and movie night in. Our bathroom doesn't have a bath so technically we should call it the shower room...but that's beside the point. We soaked our feet, massaged each others feet and ate LOTS of sugar.... 
 The last 3 months or so I have been trying to eat less sugar after reading a very interesting book...which I'll blog about one day! I was wide awake for ages after going to bed...I swear it was because of the sugar/chocolate overload!
These were the movies I chose for Tim. We ended up watching young adult which was a little weird bit there were a few laughs 
 Tim's size 13 feet fitting into the little foot spa!
It was a lovely relaxing night.Chilling at home with my beloved.
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  1. This sounds like the sweetest night in, Loz. A gorgeous way to spend time with Tim. I'm taking notes. x

  2. ha ha, I almost got mega jealous that you guy had a spa bath....and then I saw the tiny little foot bath- made me laugh!

    Some of the bets date nights are the ones where you stay home and relax.

    As for your no sugar diet- I did a no sugar and no gluten diet for over a month one time as my body is intolerant of both so I needed to detox and I felt amazing. That said and done, I am going 100% gluten free again for awhile but can't bring myself to do both at once- I'll do gluten first and then sugar. Both is just too much for my emotions!Keen to read about a post about this book...

  3. What a fun date idea! I will totally have to copy you sometime!


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