Saturday, August 01, 2009

a month today

It is pretty crazy that 4 weeks ago Tim and I got married! And it is pretty fitting that we would get our professional photos back on thursday night! a big thank you to Sonya who did an AWESOME job! we were so happy with them! here are a couple of my "favourites" BUT there will be more in the coming days! xx


  1. Your wedding looked so beautiful Lauren. I love the bridesmaid's dresses and LOVE your dress. It's gorgeous. I looks like it was a really beautiful day :)

  2. more more more!!!!! they are gorgeous Lauren! Who is this Sonya?

  3. thank you lovly ladies!
    Rach, Sonya is a graphic designer by day and wedding photographer as a hobby! but she's great! :)

    I met Sonya at fuel one year! and i know her sister Kirsten's the lutheran cicle you may have met them yourself! :)

    my computer's disc drive is being a pooh so i'll post more tuesday when i go to work and put the photos on my work computer!

  4. Loz they are gorgeous!! Give us more!!!



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