Wednesday, May 27, 2009

please play those songs less...

you know when you turn the radio on and it just seems like you always get the same songs...the radio station gets a new lot of music in and like EVERY dj gets on board and plays a certain couple of songs every show they host.

i've been getting this with two songs lately...seriously every time i turn the radio on in the car on i hear at least one of these songs, sometimes both. one of them is about soggy toast and bacon that's hard to chew but the author of the song still goes to this cafe because the gir that serves him is pretty and he loves her...and i seriously can not stand this song. it is repetitive and i'm not a big fan of the tune. i've taken to turning the radio down when this song comes on. why don't you just change the channel i hear you say, well this station on a whole is fairly decent while most other stations are rubbish and i would be experiencing this problem a HECK of a lot more if i listened to those radio stations!

The other song is by blis anSO and it's not too bad, but it has a line in it about swinging from the lobby in the Marriott...anyway the language is fairly fowl at times and i could probably go without hearing it for a while because i seriously want to hear some different songs.

how to solve this problem? perhaps i could put a cd player in my car so i can choose the tunes myself...but i might miss the news or something! :)


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