Thursday, April 09, 2009

craft-a-noon anyone!?

Lately I have been inspired. some particularly creatively ladies in my life, (Clarey, Sez, Jek, Anna )give me inspiration and get my creative juices flowing. they have been blessed with skills and talents to sew, knit use computer programs I DON"T!!! winter is on the way and that means i really get the urge to KNIT!!! I have been seeing pretty things to use for our wedding and just want to get behind the sewing machine and make something!

These photos are from a beautiful book i just bought called "meet me at mikes" the lady who put it together has a beautiful shop in Melbourne and is a crafty crafty lady! it's beautiful and i was very thankful to get some birthday money to spend on a special book! I am looking forward to some day being able to make some of the pretty things! Craft-a-noon anyone? :) xx


  1. Oooo i would love to sit on your lounge with a cup of tea and knit a scarf...or find a pretty place under a tree on wellington square and do nothing all afternoon. Keep dreaming and writing down are pretty busy right now with work and wedding stuff, so don't feel bad if you don't get a lot done on the creative side of things xx

  2. Lovely book! When Tim is drafted into Lutho service you will have PLENTY of time to do and try all things crafty. Like Anna said - hold onto your ideas!


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