Saturday, January 31, 2009

how about this heat?

it's been stinking hot in adelaide and everyone is complaining and etsa keeps cutting the power, it's like we are in a third world country.

i haven't been doing much because it's hot but here is a photo from clare's wedding! alissa and me! as promised...i don'tknow if anyone even reads this any more...but oh well!


  1. no WAY! aqualung shit all over coldplay!
    what flutes?
    me no comprende!
    love ya lady. i am not sure if i can make it sunday but i will let you know and make it up to you guys in a few weeks at fringe if i can't get there.
    boy troubles.
    up the ass.
    in the grand tradition of the song girl trouble by violent femmes.

  2. I read it...well i will now that our internet is working again! Hope you are well. Miss you guys. Sorry I missed out on talking to you the other day! You are a hard girl to catch! XX Hope your 2nd engagement party is heaps of fun!

  3. I read it too. Now that we have internet... Hope you're well.


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