Monday, August 13, 2007


I've changed my mind about Melbourne. On my last visit I had some encounters with a few snobs, too many stairs with a really heavy suitcase!
this time however i went to a conference learnt alot of great stuff and then had a day to hang with some good mates. I stayed with Mevlana and her boyfriend Tony, they live in parkville, not parkview! and a friend i met at high school in Adelaide came along and hung out too! it was a little crazy to see him!

and then i got to discover the little alley ways and boutiques and cool little eating places with Ben, Kylie and Tim. and there are multiple chocolate cafes there! so we enjoyed some very yummy strawberry's dipped in chocolate! it was wonderful, so i am totally going back for a visit!

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  1. well good!! melbourne is the most awesomest australian city.
    have another visit when i'm there!!! at the moment it looks like it will be in early october.


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