Wednesday, June 27, 2007

day time tv

so when you are sick you sleep, drink water, eat little and when you aren't sleeping you want to be sleeping because day time tv SUCKS.
Saturday night saw me, jek (sis)and tim (bf) off to the hospital cause my stomach was being a pain in the stomach. lots of grose stuff was coming out of me and i couldn't deal! so we went and sat at the hospital for 5 hours...on a side note while we were there a few guys...not just one but i can recall three...i was slipping in and out of sleep not sure how on that hard floor...anyway three guys come in with blood pouring out of their faces and there had been a beating of some sort. it was awful. so they got in before a lot of people. finally got in and was told yeah it's gastro take this and go to bed...thanks doctor for that tiny white pill...

so since Sunday i have been off work...Monday was OK the day time tv concept was new...i mean since first year uni i hadn't watched alot of day time TV so watching kerry ann...wasn't too was either so bad i couldn't look away or i was genuinely enjoying it...mmm not sure...
but today still off work...trying to wean myself off of the couch...trying to sit up for longer periods of i don't have to watch TV... mmm
I'm ranting...
bah and i'm starting to feel faint again..
back to the couch.

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  1. yeah it would be cool to get some cool shows back on day time!

    then again youtube always has some cool stuff!


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