Wednesday, February 28, 2007


there is nothing like going to a live show...and further there is nothing like going to a punk show. it had been a while since i had heard the fast drums, loud guitars and the music that i really do appreciate in a venue with lots of people.

that was my Monday night.
nathaenal and i went and met up with a bunch of his mates. i proceeded to loose them and spent alot of the night by myself. however did bump into Rowan a nice young man i have met on a number of occasions. we had an interesting conversation. i didn't pick him being into NOFX and he said he doesn't like to tell people that cause people tend to judge you by the music you listen too. i think i found myself doing that from time to time...and i do that when i have to listen to music i don't like! and it was an interesting point and such.

i found Than just before they started and i enjoyed it for the most part. up until they started bagging Christians and i wasn't down with that. i concluded they make good music but they take tooo many drugs and drink to much.

they did play bottles to the ground and i do enjoy that song!

i was also informed NIKOLA the lead singer from milliencolin is playing at enigma on sunday night! i'm getting myself along to that one too!

just when i thought i was growing out of my punk stage....


  1. Hey fellow NOFX and Nikola fan!
    The big question is - did you get an encore?
    NOFX are an interesting mix - from the politically thought provoking to the in-the-gutter-profanity to the religion-bagging... All in all worthwhile though! I'd rather a band with intelligent songs who bags Christians than a pretty band with songs about NOTHING!

    I love your gig reviews!

  2. no encore...because they had so many technical difficulties the ended up playing about 20 minutes longer then they were supposed! so the residents in the area were probably making complaints about the noise!

    good news reel big fish are doing a show here! so more reveiws to come! hhehehehe

    waiting for season 4...mum and dad are giving it to me for my birthday!


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