Tuesday, September 26, 2006

in the finals

so it's a beautiful sunny day here in Adeliade! i don't have to work today cause i did about 12 hours on sunday!
so good news west coast are in the finals and i am quite happy about that! we watched the tense game on saturday arvo (we being mum dad bek courty joel and rachel). it was fun! so this coming saturday it comes down to sydney and west coast again! i know who i am going for.

A mate from brisbane told me last time i was there that i needed to check out a band called Kashmir when they supported Something for Kate. well that was sunday night (after i worked 12 hours). Trav kindly took the spare ticket i had and we missed a few minutes of Kashmir's set. BUT...MAN THEY WERE ACE!!! you need to check them out! they are from denmark and they had some nice things to say about our princess mary! there were some songs i really liked. there was one called the curse of being a girl...check it out. and of course something for kate were great as usual. they certainly surprise me. that Paul dempsey...and stephanie she is a cool cat! plays the bass with her hair down...how it doesn't give her the irrates is beyond me! so paul was talking about "the KINGDOM" when he refered to adelaide...i'm assuming he wasn't meaning the kingdom of God if anyone has a clue what he was talking about can you tell me! Cheers!

i'm going to enjoy the sun now!



  1. I must admit... I was going for Adelaide in the final moments. I'll be all for West Coast on the weekend though!

    Love the gig review!

  2. jeepers, your assessment of sfk and kashmir actually makes me feel like i was a fool not to catch them on tour! nice one. go west coast!


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